Wednesday, August 24, 2011

street food

Street food is one of those "hot" foodie trends. The New York Times loves covering food trucks and the race for the best cheeseburger or pizza or tacos. But the Bay Area may have elevated the street food game to a new level. Here for only one week I have attended not one, but two, food truck and street food events. The first, Off the Grid, is a mobile food truck event in a different part of the city each week including North Berkeley on Wednesday evenings. The second was the La Cocina Street Food Festival. La Cocina is an incubator for food based entrepreneurs and they hosted the festival to show the talents of their startups and of restaurants from the Bay Area and beyond, along with entertainment. Here are snapshots from both.

Off the Grid:
[My sandwich: cornflake crusted fried chicken; Partner-in-Crime's: brisket]

[Salted caramel cupcake from Cupcakes]

La Cocina Street Food Festival:

[Papusas from Estrellita's Snacks]

[Meatballs and cannolli from A16]

[Biscuit and gravy from 15 Romolo]

[My favorite: lemon cookie ice cream from Three Twins]

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L.R. said...

OMG so jealous! I want one of everything!
So glad you're out and about and having a wonderful time!