Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rue pop up shop on brika

For the past few months I've been selling percent jewelry on the amazing online shopping site, BRIKA.  The two founders, Jen and Kena, carefully select each artisan on the site so I'm honored to be included. This week, I'm twice as excited because Rue Magazine is hosting a Pop Up Shop on BRIKA. (My jewelry is included, check out the top center!) I love that these two parts of my life have come together, and I even got to interview Jen and Kena for Rue Daily. I love what they have to say about taking a big leap to pursue their passion and A Well Crafted Life.

Hurry over to BRIKA, there is a ton more to see but the shop is only up until April 22!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

read more: resilient architecture

"To build resilient communities and avoid the devastation of the next Hurricane Sandy, designers should look southward. If architects valued prevention instead of permanence, buildings could guide cities and reduce vulnerability rather than increasing risks. Such a values reorientation could radically improve our cities and our lives. The fundamental thing the global south teaches us is that a revaluation of architecture is not only imperative but also already happening far away from the epicenter of wealth."
- Michael Murphy, GOOD

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

read more: design ethics

"Design should have an opinion about service to humans. Design should have an opinion about it’s ethic. If you buy the premise that there is no “not design”, but just poor design and good design as I do, then I suggest that design cannot be totally benign either. It has an ethic and that ethic is either toward good or toward harm."
- Matthew Smith, Medium

Monday, April 8, 2013

read more: why our own neighborhoods needs us as much

"Recognize that you are an expert in your own community. Think about the research and ramp-up time and cultural assimilation needed to understand a community outside of your own. Whether elsewhere in the United States or halfway across the world. 

A lot of this ramp-up isn't necessary when you stay local. Working locally offers a way out of a vicious cycle of guilt, feeling hindered, and inaction. It offers escape hatches leading to a more sustainable situation for yourself, meaning you can get out of the mentality of thinking you need to quit your job and move to Africa to do something good."
- Julie Kim, GOOD

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

read more: form follows... distribution method

"You can buy a Coke pretty much anywhere on Earth. Thanks to a vast network of local suppliers, Coca-Cola has almost completely solved distribution, getting its product into every nook and cranny where commerce reaches. There are places in the world where it’s easier to get a Coke than clean water. In the 1980s, Berry was an aid worker in Zambia, and when he looked at Coke’s success, he saw an opportunity."
- Tim Maly, Wired