I am a human-centered designer focused on helping organizations and companies with a social mission achieve their goals through designing products, spaces, and services. I also lead design thinking workshops to help mission-driven individuals and organizations learn how to incorporate design thinking into their daily work.

My background is in design, as well as in grassroots advocacy and community organizing. I currently serve as Marketing Associate for Rue, an online design and lifestyle magazine, along with founding percentblog, which covers a range of design that makes a difference in the world. I also design and hand craft a line of jewelry made from repurposed materials.

The mission “Design for Good, Design for Change” speaks to my focus on designing lasting and sustainable systems that alter the current physical and social landscape for the better. You can learn more about my work on my website. 

Contact Information:
For percentblog or writing inquiries: kat.percentblog(at gmail(dot)com
For consulting inquiries: kat.mceachern(at)gmail(dot)com
For jewelry inquires: kat.percentjewelry(at)gmail(dot)com