Friday, May 25, 2012

design for social impact

Just a quick update on why the blog, tumblr and even twitter are all so silently this week. I'm at StartingBloc ( a fellowship for social enterprise. As a former organizer/nonprofit kid who is now refocusing on design, I was a bit hesitant about my role in this community. Today I stood up in front of the group of 80-odd people and gave my pitch about design for good. I was shocked to have at least four people stand up after me to also make pitches concerning user centered or community design. Additionally, many people who aren't involved in design later came up to me to talk more about the role of design in social change making. My 60 second pitch barely scratched the surface so it is thrilling to see such a deep well of support for design exists and is understood in the social impact arena. More to come once I am home!

Monday, May 21, 2012

international present of mystery

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, an international package was delivered for me. I couldn't remember any recent purchases so quickly tore it open to find an elegantly wrapped box. Inside the box was a pair of gorgeous golden earrings that looked vaguely familiar. After checking my Etsy Favorites, I realized I had saved them over a year ago. Luckily, I couldn't wait to wear them and put them on immediately (okay, after snapping a few pictures.)

Still unsure of their origin*, I checked the package again and found a card for Cynthia Del Giudice Jewelry and the cute little card in the top image that simply reads "Thanks, Katherine! Hope you enjoy! xoxo, Cynthia!" I definitely will, Cynthia, I just need to figure out who sent me these!

*I suspect my mother.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

dilapidated delights

Every since I was young, I have loved rundown buildings. I used to dream of spending a summer riding a motorcycle through the backwood highways of North Carolina and Virginia, taking photos of old barns to be published in giant tome. For the same reason, these images from Matteo Massagrande immediately spoke to me. They are (far far far more wonderful) cousins to images I have saved from site visits to old interiors projects. Something ties me to old things that have seen better days. I want to let them shine again, but not by cleaning them but by letting their stories show, just as Matteo has done.

Originally found via The Fox is BlackMore on Matteo Massagrande here. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

urban air market

Yesterday was the type of beautiful, sunny day that my friends on the East Coast think occurs daily in California, but that rarely actually happens in the Bay Area. Despite two evenings in a row celebrating my quarter century birthday, I woke early and spent the morning in my studio making jewelry. After breakfast and playing with Gracie in the park, Partner-in-Crime and I headed to the Urban Air Market, a biannual event featuring (mostly) local artisans.

Some favorites were (clockwise from bottom left:)
1. Embroidered leather goods by Rebecca Sako 
2. Slipcast ceramic "eggs"by jfish designs
3. Pottery with hand drawn designs by Catherine Reece
4. Urban Air Market, Patricia's Green, Hayes Valley

Urban Air was hosted in one of my favorite parts of the city, Hayes Valley, in an adorable park and along several side streets. After browsing, Partner-in-Crime and I wandered the area and made it over to the Lower Haight to watch the Giants game at Toronado over a beer. (I had the Bockor Jacobins Rouge, a delicious dark sour beer.) In my 24th year, I took a leap moving out to California, and this weekend has only affirmed it was worth the risk.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

tumblights 5/6

Things may have seemed a bit slow around here, but behind the scenes big things are happening. Here's a little sneak peek, the new format for tumblights. Just linking to awesome design work doesn't really give you a snapshot of what I'm seeing and sometimes the links seem disjointed, especially if you only click on two or three. I'll be grouping them from now and showing you an image of the work along with the description. Does this make you more excited for tumblights?

Captivating double exposure-style artwork by (clockwise from top left:) 

From top left: 

And, of course: Enjoy these? Find more daily at And even more stunning images on my pintrest.