Wednesday, December 12, 2012

read more: 10 reasons millennials might abandon big cities

The growing urban constituency of hipster parents is not timid about making itself heard. Educated and in professional jobs, they are equipped to organize and galvanize. "They make clear the kinds of things they want to see," says Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, who created a Young Professionals Kitchen Cabinet when he took office in 2006. "We've got to work fast. Think how accustomed they are to speed. ... They expect it. They also expect things within their community to transform at a much faster rate."

Monday, December 10, 2012

a holiday lull

[From Rue]
My apologies for what has been, and what will be, a very slow December here on percentblog. Between work, craft fairs, personal commitments, and celebrations posts will be few and far between.

On a more productive note, the latest issue of Rue Magazine is out and features many holiday celebrations and gifts. I will be headed back to the East Coast for a week with my family and couldn't be more thrilled. There may be a post or two before I go, but if not, happy holidays.