Saturday, August 20, 2011

pyrex dreams

[Click to see what I found flea shopping in Cheyenne]

[Did not purchase]

[Was looking for one for a while, found at very reasonable price]

[Bowl set of four was $80, blue dish was $10. Did not purchase.]

[Found this set, under $2 per piece.]


L.R. said...

cannot believe that set of 4 was $80!!! Love what you ended up getting though. Those things just never die. My mom gave me a few little casserole dishes from when she was starting out in her first place. Love them!

blue roses said...

i have seen those sets of four primary pyrex mixing bowls range from 20$ to 100$..... ridiculous. my mom has like, 5 of them, she should bequeath one to you.

also, while i admire your prudence, not buying the deer head was foolish! hehe.

percentblog said...

I should have gotten the deer head! When else would I have a giant truck to transport it? And yes, pyrex can range SO much in price and while sometimes the more expensive ones are in great condition, this set was not. I will find my set one day!

Baby Mac said...

I'm sure we have a relative that can shoot you your very own deer head.