Wednesday, August 17, 2011

stuck in cheyenne

The most memorable part of my trip west was an impromptu, forced furlough in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Well, that is not entirely accurate as the most memorable part of the trip may have been when driving I-80 in Nebraska (which takes an entire day) and our passenger mirror sheared off its base. At 70 miles an hour. This left us unable to merge or turn right without fear of crushing a car beneath us, but it was the subsequent engine trouble and inability to drive over 40 miles an hour that lead to a day in the small capitol city of Wyoming. After the stress of getting a new vehicle were over and we were guaranteed to be able to continue the next day, I was able to enjoy the town and took these photos.

Cheyenne is a small town, despite being the capitol of the state, and is proud to be the Gateway to the Frontier, which definitely comes through. The downtown area hosts a frontier museum, a local theater, some galleries, bars and a few thrift shops (those adventures here.)

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blue roses said...

wow, the sky is so incredibly brilliant..... what colors!

cannot wait to hear more about the thrift shops.... obviously.