Tuesday, February 7, 2012

weekend review: marin adventures

[Check out those ripples in the distance- that's ocean waves!]

It's been a while since I posted a weekend review, but I figured if I was late on my necklace challenge, I should share why.  This series of images is a little of the "this is my perfect life" variety but I have to say, anytime I have a rare weekend off and get out of the city, it does feel like a perfect life. Just for the day. Images after the jump.

[Mossy trees]

[Trees with odd, slightly creepy red growth]


[The lookout tower that we weren't allowed to use]

[Old school sepia- image shot through sunglasses]


[Bit of antiquing. Book title: This is My Best]

[Low tide]

[It was too cold for anyone to take them up on the offer.]

[We weren't the only group enjoying beers on the beach.]

[Close to the last of the day's light]

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