Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cozy Necklace- February Challenge Day 28

[Cozy Necklace in Gray]
It's almost the end of February! Shortest month but it was jam packed of exciting adventures. I'm feeling much more like a Bay Area resident- I was even called for jury duty! Don't forget that there are just two more days for the 20% discount during the February Challenge. It ends tomorrow at midnight! Check out my shop for all the new goodies made this month. 

Today's necklace is a repurposed tshirt cut into strips that wrap around themselves. This necklace is highly dynamic and as it's worn, the strips curl together more tightly. I added a fun vintage brooch for a bit of shine. I have made other necklaces in this style and they always are eye catching. You'll get tons of compliments whether this is layered over a party dress or just paired with jeans and (another) tshirt.

A Necklace A Day will continue all of February. See all the daily necklaces here. I'm joined in this challenge by a fellow East Bay Arts Collective member, Gwen of Gwen Harlow Design who will be crafting and blogging as well.

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