Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rope Necklace and Sherbet Necklace- Final Necklace a Day Post

I can't believe it's the last day of February. While I may not have a perfect attendance record, I'm glad I challenged myself to make jewelry every day and, for the most part, list it on Etsy and blog each piece's story for you. Here are two last necklaces. And your last day for 20% my Etsy shop with the special code FEBRUARY.

[Rope and Pearl Necklace]

The first was inspired by a post on I Spy DIY about rope necklaces. I've been playing around with ideas for quite some time and a trip to the fabric store this morning to buy elbow patches ended with this amazing blue rope. I used the inspiration from I Spy DIY but added my own glam spin. Blue rope and a vintage pearl necklace combine for this abstract statement piece.

[Sherbet Necklace]

The second necklace has been in my head for days, just waiting for more beading wire and. I knew I had to get it done as part of this challenge! I thought it would be a snap to pull together, but ended up going through several iterations. This necklace took almost three hours to make! I've lost the light to take nice pictures of these in action, but I hope this snapshots will suffice for now.

During a Necklace A Day I made one piece of jewelry each day. See all the daily necklaces here. I was joined in this challenge by a fellow East Bay Arts Collective member, Gwen of Gwen Harlow Design who was crafting and blogging as well.

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