Tuesday, May 3, 2011

weekend review: a too-short long weekend

Partner-in-crime was in town this weekend and so while I took Monday and part of Tuesday off, the weekend was far too short. It was full of excellent adventures and celebrations, however, and I got to use his camera to document. He took many of the best shots.

[He sampled a Richmond tradition- the Sailor]

[Carytown was covered in sidewalk art]


[A good friend's field day birthday party]

[where we were well-fed]

[How is the cake so tall?]



[Brunch at Mezzanine]

[Best shrimp and grits outside of Ithaca, NY]

[Broccolini sandwich? Surprisingly awesome.]

[An evening at Commercial Taphouse.]

[This & following photo credits go to the Partner-in-crime]


blue roses said...

YAY, you wore the skirt i gave you; you look so pretty! looks like a positively beautiful weekend. my ian always takes all the good photos too....


L.R. said...

Oh the Sailor! My parents used to take me to NY Deli when I was little before the remodel and I always tried to eat the whole thing! AND you got Bev's afterwards? That's intense.

Love that skirt on you!

percentblog said...

I got SO many complements on the skirt! Thank you for sharing it with me :)

There was a lot of walking Carytown between NY Deli and the ice cream. Plus we only split one ice cream.