Wednesday, May 18, 2011

gilt taste launches

Today GiltGroupe which started as a flash sale site (remember the romper I bought?) launched GiltTaste, a food and kitchen supply site. Unlike, the merchandise is not quick-sale marked down but instead the goal is offer high quality items with a bit of backstory. I won't be ordering the Wagyu beef anytime soon (read: ever) though I may have had some of this at Christmas thanks to my uncle. What I was surprised to find was a well-designed site with delicious recipes featuring seasonal produce and magazine quality stories.

While you have to be a member to purchase items, you can peruse the virtual aisles and read the the Stories section without registering. Current stories even include an article on hydrofracking's effects on the food we eat. I'm not the only one impressed. TheKitchn is excited about Editorial Advisory Ruth Reichel, saying "Reichl has assembled a team of some of the most talented people in the food journalism world to contribute to this "new kind of magazine."

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