Saturday, May 14, 2011

secret garden party

The Secret Garden Party is an event I wanted to attend last year but missed, so I was excited to have a new to Richmond friend, Diana, agree to join me and bring her man companion who I had yet to meet. Immediately upon arriving at the first stop I ran into a two good friend who I had wanted to introduce to Diana. Serendipity! The rest of the evening was a lovely stroll through hidden downtown garden, delicious sweet potato ham biscuits and copious drink tickets. We didn't make it to the fifth stop, but strolling along downtown was lovely, despite the overcast weather. If this benefit for the Historic Richmond Foundation continues in the future, definitely check it out.

[A non-alcholic drink made with vinegar. Surprisingly tasty.]

More pictures after the jump.


blue roses said...

those biscuits look insanely delicious.... cannot wait to see you in a few days!

M.L.G. said...

I just read this post about Secret Garden parties and am in love! What a fabulous take on fairytale meets speakeasy meets progressive dinner party on a gorgeous summer day!!