Sunday, May 22, 2011

for cod and country

Barton Seaver's For Cod and Country makes cooking seafood easier to do sustainably. Seaver, Chef at Hook in DC, Seaver is a "firm believer in eating lower on the food chain than we do now, Seaver eschews large predatory species like bluefin tuna and sharks. His recipes stress fish like anchovies, herring, catfish, mahi-mahi, and mackerel, used in ways that are anything but mundane: a Mackerel Melt with smoked canned mackerel in place of tuna; braised greens with anchovy purée; Pacific cod with ginger braised asparagus; sardine and capered egg salad sandwiches." I'm not a big seafood eater so won't invest in this book, but I love the concept.

Speaking of the Northeast, a college friend has recently started a blog Rebecca Eats Rhode Island, where she documents trips to area restaurants and creations she make with seasonal and local ingredients. Check it out, I'm going to try to kale soup soon.

Originally found in and image from The Atlantic.

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