Wednesday, May 25, 2011

recipe: lazy night pasta

I recently had one of those lazy nights where I get home from work, know there is a decent amount of food in the fridge but just don't have the energy to stand up and make anything. Usually this is solved by sitting around until I'm hungry enough to either microwave the leftovers I don't really want to eat or actually make a decent meal. Thanks to internet surfing, I stumbled upon Mark Bittman's Pasta Primevera article and was inspired to make a take on my classic pasta with half and half "carbonara" inspired by his Tagliatelle with Peas, Pecorino, Chili and Mint.

Here is my Fettuccine with Mint, Spinach and Snap Peas* in Light Cream Sauce
1 box fettuccine
1 pint snap peas
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup mint
8 oz half and half

Cook pasta. Boil snap peas until bright green. Heat half and half and bring to a simmer. Let reduce slightly, add snap peas and spinach. Once pasta is done cooking, add to cream along with the mint. Toss to coat.

Add black pepper if desired, cheese would also be great but it was not one of the things in my pantry at the time. I got four servings out this.

*Note: I am not entirely sure if I had snap peas or normal p
eas from the farmers market that I should have shelled. I started shelling them but the peas were very, very small and the pods were tasty as I snacked on them. Also, remember how tired I was?

[Steamed peas-in-pod]

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Melanie J said...

i love pasta in cream sauce, this one looks yummy:)