Sunday, March 13, 2011

weekend review: spring forward

After working all last weekend, this weekend was wonderfully restorative. Posting as a chicken roasts in the oven. If it turns out well, I'll share the recipe.

[Friday night visit to the VMFA. Followed by dinner and wine at Secco and drinks at Can Can.]

[A solo morning return to Can Can]

[South-er of the James Market]

[Sadly didn't have the money for a pizza]

[Cleaned up shop at the closing Exile]

[Dinner out with a college friend, grande margaritas at Nacho Mamas]

[Sunny Sunday afternoon at the dog park]

[I was gifted a surprise juicer]

[Fresh grapefruit juice and vodka cocktail]


blue roses said...

love the cocktail glasses! beautiful. vodka and grapefruit sounds so refreshing.

also, so jealous of whoever bought up all your jewelry; i want some!


Rennie K said...

Next time, we'll remember to get pictures of delicious sausages... muah.