Tuesday, March 8, 2011

before i die, i want to

Finding time to blog is difficult for me right now. I'm working around the clock lately for an amazing upcoming conference and haven't even kept up much with some of my favorite blogs. But these images from HonestlyWTF jumped out at me and I wanted to pass them on.

[the corner of Marigny and Burgundy]

Public installation artist and urban planner Candy Chang took an abandoned home in New Orleans and created a design intervention that created a conversation in the community. Her goal was to make a space where "residents can fill in the blank and remember what is important to them in life. It’s also about turning a neglected space into a constructive one where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us."

[What would you write?]

[This could have been mine. or I would write "I will create a Power Shift."]

Originally found on HonestlyWTF. More from FresHome. Artist information at Candy Chang.

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lg said...

Stumbled across your blog and loved this post! What a very cool idea! :)