Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring cleaning

My keys are missing. This is bad for many reasons, namely my plans to go to the office to get work done today. I compensated by thoroughly going throw the 200+ messages in my inbox and getting it down to something reasonable. In a lemonade out of lemons frame of mind, the search for my keys also prompted some cleaning that I've been meaning to do. I resorted my (ehhhmm) five jewelry boxes and re-discovered a few necklaces.

I also cleaned off my bedside table to the few essentials I'd like to keep on top- my clock, pen and notepad(s), and typically a drinking glass. Books, netflix rentals and snacks get tucked inside. Right now I have beautiful purple tulips that are in their last days. I love them once they fully open, but think I should have cut them down since they can no longer stand up.

[Closeup of bedside]

The bedside table is an old school desk I picked up at a yard sale for a few dollars and spray painted to match the mural of birds on the wall. Fabric or paper can be stuck to the wall with starch, and doesn't leave a stain, so it's ideal for decorating rentals. As you can see, the light in my room is horrible, the colors of the birds are actually much brighter.

[Full wall view]

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L.R. said...

I adore that school desk! And the birds! love it!