Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more percentblog

I've been a bad blogger lately because I've forgetten my camera or forgotten to take pictures two days in a row. Sorry for the lack of images in this post. So first a shout out to a lovely evening at Sprout with wine and cheese tasting. Wine from Barboursville Winery, a Virginia vineyard I've had a bit around town, and cheese from Sullivan's Pond Farm, who I've gotten cheese from once at the South of the James Market. (Which I am looking forward to the return off. And of lots of local veggies in general.) The son of the cheesemaker, a budding cheesemaker himself, was eager to talk about the process of making the individual cheeses which added to the night.

Tonight I attended SMCRVA, the Social Media Club of Richmond, for the first time. The events have always sounded intriguing but the topic of Tumblr and fashion put the event in the must attend column. Planning on attending, I also started a Tumblr blog to poke around. Since it was a social media focused event, it focused more on Tumblr than on fashion; I would have preferred the reverse but it was good for helping me (somewhat) refine my vision of the difference between this blog and Tumblr. In fact, the speakers from Tumblr seemed to view their platform more similarly to Twitter than Tumblr.

Anyway, I have set up percentblog.tumblr.com. Check it out if you wish, it will be short posts on things I like. Some of the 'quick pic' and 'music of the day' features will likely move over there, and I will push myself to focus on new content for this blog. Like always, both will include design, food, fashion and the things that make like beautiful. Hope you enjoy!

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