Sunday, September 25, 2011

tumblights 9/25/11

Ever since a "Fashion and Tumblr" presentation hosted by SMCRVA (the Social Media Club of Richmond, Virginia) I've been tumbling down the rabbit hole of the internets. You can find me at but I've also decided to post my tumblights, a weekly highlight of my favorite pieces here. Each of these has stunning images but also worth following the link to read more.

Can A Simple Piece Of Graffiti Bring A Dam Down? via The Fox is Black

A Liter of Light – solar lights made with plastic water bottles via Create and Share

Learning to Love Thai-American Food from Gilt Taste

The Only Time No May Mean Yes- Typographic Illusion Sculpture via swissmiss

Stockbox Grocers- Shipping container grocery store via Design Boom

The Fortress of Franzensfeste via Denzeen 

Enjoy these? Find more daily at And even more stunning images on my pintrest.

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