Thursday, September 29, 2011

diy: lace shorts

I'm excited to share my latest DIY. I may have accepted the fact that it is fall, but hey! This is (northern) California! And in Northern California, September is the warmest month. Yesterday was the perfect day to wear these shorts, though I kept it warm with a long sleeved top.

My original inspiration for these shorts was far daintier but I had a set of jean shorts that were really just too short to wear publicly and could stand an extra two inches of fabric. It was also nice to practice sewing lace on the shorts since I am sewing machine-less and had to do these by hand. I may still have to make a sweet little pair too.

[Tranquility shorts from BHLDN]

[A DIY from HonestlyWTF]


I did three-quarters at the craft show on Saturday and then quickly finished them up yesterday, spending about two hours total but none of that was super dedicated time. The lace came from my wonderful trip to Britex Fabrics. Photo tutorial and the final product after the jump.

[Get lace and jean shorts. Cut the extra long dangle-y bits off the shorts.]

[Pin lace all around. I overlapped about an inch in the crotch to make it seamless. Sew through the most compact part of the lace, for me it was at the very top.]

[Final product]

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