Saturday, September 3, 2011

inspiration board: living room

One month into the new apartment and it's starting to come together. We have the basics that we need, but are still finalizing the decorative plans for the office, bedroom and living. I spent some time putting together an amazing inspiration board for the living room/dining area but of course can't figure out how to post it. (It's the right format and under the max size but keeps getting rejected- any clues?) Instead here are my inspiration images, without the awesome formatting and color scheme images. Overall theme is a bit of nature meets glam, with bright teal and orange-y red accents. It's based off our existing wood furniture, persian rug and desire to not be too traditional. Here's to hoping I can pull it off.

Images from top to bottom: mine, Etsy, mine, House of Movi, Apartment Therapy, HomeDIT, Anthropologie, A Brooklyn Limestone

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L.R. said...

oh you can totally do this and it's gonna be gorgeous! So excited for you!
No idea why the pic didn't load.