Monday, September 26, 2011

to my next phase

Friday marked the start of fall. My blogroll filled with recipes for chili and tutorials for scarves while I resisted. For East Coast friends, the change was apparent with the first colder days appearing. For me, last week was one of the warmest since I've moved to Berkeley.

A rainy weekend forced me to confront reality and consider why I've been resisting. For the past eighteen of my twenty-four years, fall has signaled the start of a new year, a new phase. Summer off was a wonderful treat but I look forward to my next phase, whatever it may be.

Photo from trip to NYC last November. All rights reserved. 


Shervin Nassi said...

GREAT Blog!!! ur doing ur thing!

Anonymous said...

Very rich words...enjoyed the visuals...helped me escape the more monotonous weather of California and enter your world of seasons.