Tuesday, September 27, 2011

impromptu picnic

One of the great features of the new apartment is that we have the back apartment next to the yard. To shady for growing things, but still a yard out the window. I had dreams of hosting a welcoming party in the yard, perhaps with some grilling, but that time is quickly coming to a close and no party has been planned. Instead, I planned an impromptu picnic that I rolled outside using the bar cart I found in Berkeley two years ago and Partner-in-Crime kept hostage until I moved out here. Dinner was supposed to be followed by finally painting a telephone table to be a bedside table, but alas, fall is here and it became dark early. I'm glad we took the chance to dine outside while the weather allowed.

[Used a half a box of pasta, all we had left, plus lemon, olive oil, parm and frozen peas]

[A partial shot of the bar cart]
[Gracie behaved herself well even with all the goodies on the ground.]

A great date night out of the few remaining items in the fridge. Tonight I have another great date night, this one with my friend Caroline-- Design Sponge's Book Signing at Anthropologie! Stay tuned for a report back.


Shervin Nassi said...

SO DELICIOUS! yum yum!!

thanks fr stopping by pls follow us :)


keep u the great work!

Diana said...

Pfft, Grace would not mar her slimline figure on some frozen pea pasta.

percentblog said...

True, a slice or two of salami perhaps. And certainty a glass of wine. But carbs? Gracie shudders.