Wednesday, February 23, 2011

weekend review: eclectic weekend in the bay area

[ragazza. potato pizza. also try the chicken with polenta]

[bellydancing in the haight]

[taxidermy jewelry. the skulls are too much for even me]


[the Pub Albany. tobacconist and pub of sorts]
Side story: the Pub wasn't crowded but all the tables were full. We ended up sitting at one whose patron had gone outside for a smoke, the cigarettes being a main draw of the place. When the middle aged man returned, he immediately reminded me of one of my design professors, Jack, and, in fact, his name was Jack. After discussing cameras and photography, I told him I was from Virginia. Turns out, he is from Williamsburg and while he is not a professor, his wife is an architecture prof. We exchanged tips for places to visit in Richmond while he tried to persuade me to move to San Francisco and inspired wanderlust in both my partner-in-crime and I with his tales of living overseas.

[vintage window shopping]


[memorials in a book shop window]

[fried chicken skins and ramen soup at Ippuku]

[you can take me out of the South but I'm still ordering chicken and waffles. 900 Grayson]

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