Saturday, February 12, 2011

quick pic: old + new

[new + old necklaces]

The old necklace is one my Mom bought me at Ten Thousand Villages. I love the dozens of red strands but it was too tight. Today I got around to extending it by adding silver chain in the back.

The longer necklace is a new one I bought today while dropping new jewelry off at the Blue Elephant. Stop by the store starting tomorrow to check out the new items I'm selling there. I got it for a song too.


blue roses said...

amazing and unique pairing; i am obsessed. i plan on having a post about the tribal necklace trend soon, so check it out! xoxoxo sexy lady!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have made several necklaces lately that are a bit 'tribal' inspired (ugh, massive cultural appropriating aside I love the bright colors and am ready for spring and fun)