Monday, February 28, 2011

military prep: the tutorial

I recently posted an image from HonestlyWTF that had planted an image in my mind and a friend gave me a treasure trove of vintage odds and ends, so over the weekend I finally got around to making my mental image a reality. Image a few of these brooches on a blazer or

All of the lovely jewels seen above are now available at the Blue Elephant on Strawberry St. I also have posted a tutorial after the link if you want to attempt your own.

[Some of the jewels]

[Option one: Use two colors of grosgrain ribbon]

[Cut one 6.5 inches, one 3.5 inches. Burn the edges with a lighter so they won't fray.]

[Notch the bottom of the shorter one.]

[Sew around three sides, then fold inside out and sew the top closed.]

[Option two: Use one thick ribbon and one thinner ribbon.]

[Make the same length and sew completely.
Then iron flat and either sew or glue on the desired adornment.

[Now you are all set to make your own.]

[Or get them for $8 each at the Blue Elephant]

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