Sunday, February 13, 2011

the return of the candied bacon

At times I wonder if I should have named this blog "Bacon and other things I think are okay" considering the number of times bacon appears. My roommates tolerate my obsession (okay, they usually are glad to see the bacon) but one friend may actually challenge me for my title of Most Bacon Obessed.

Sadly, this friend has an exciting move across the country planned so I wanted to send her off appropriately. We met this morning for brunch at The Empress, a favorite of ours for the great gluten free food (for her allergies.) I brought her a present of Candied Bacon Fudge.

[Sweet and salty in one package]

Making the fudge is simple. For more details, check out this link at TheKitchen. But basically, make candied bacon, while it's cooking make the fudge. Pour half the fudge into a 8x8 pan, layer in the bacon then pour the rest of the fudge on. I used just over half of the bacon and my roommates got to eat the extra. Extra fudge is getting taken to a gather of lovely ladies tonight.