Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend review: condensed

Instead of the usual 2.3 day weekend, I had only a 1.5 day weekend but being the first I had off in a while, I was not going to let that hold me back. The weekend contained some classic Richmond gems- a food festival, French bistro dining, and an afternoon grilling at the farm.

[The Filipino Festival]
A cute, family-friendly festival that avoids the crowds of the Greek Fest. The lechon (roast pig) was especially delicious, we got there around 3pm long after the roast was over. I recommend going for lunch to get the food at it's freshest.

[Look closely. Legs.]

[Wait for these to reappear. I have a plan.]

A very dark Can Can meant that my pictures didn't come out so well, but the lamb sausage in my "Lamb Two Ways" was incredible. The almond creme-brulee was also great but paled the the intensity of the strawberry ice cream that accompanies it.

[Um, did you know they have a restaurant at Bass Pro Shop?]

[Gratuitous puppy picture]

[Apple picking]

[Impromptu green bean & strawberry salad with balsmaic vingerette]

[Our full meal at the farm]

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