Sunday, August 22, 2010

best friends day

Richmond loves festivals, street fairs and special days. One that is not as widely known but that I find quite sweet is Best Friends Day. Basically, it's a day to get together with your friends, including inviting in friends from out of town. Hadad's Lake is the typical destination, but my roommates and I decided to just throw a housewarming party. We just did burgers and hot dogs, but of course went a bit over board on the drinks (and edible forms of drinks.) We also came up with Richmond- centric names for each one!

In honor of the Watermelon Festival and every other street festival, I made Street Festival Salad (one whole watermelon cubed, 1/2 cup of chopped mint, 3 tbsp lime juice, vodka.)

My roommate also came up with several fabulous creations. Snowpocaolpyse was a vanilla rum, coconut milk and ice cream creation that I never got to sample. James River Water used berry vodka, blue pucker, fresca, and stonefruit (nectarines) in honor of our rocky river.

Luckily, thekitchn also had a post this past week about beer pops! Richmond is the number one consumer of PBR, so I had to make the beer pops using our favorite beer. Recipe here, though I used simple syrup instead of agave because I forgot to buy it at the store.

Making 48 mini pops (using 24 cans of PBR) meant juicing 24 limes.

I also found a recipe for Strawberry-Basil Margarita 'jello shots' from scratch. There were mixed reviews- I felt they were too boozey, some felt the texture was weird due to the strawberry puree and unflavored gelatin. I'd defintiely play around with this idea again, though.

I also made a Short Pump Smash, using whiskey and fresh peaches that was sort of a cross between sangria and a smash. I posted the recipe separately since this post was getting so long!

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Anonymous said...

I think the concepts and the presentation of all of the items were awesome. It takes creativity to come up with all of that. I appreciate the invite. You all were so welcoming. P.S. I hope your hand gets better quick.