Sunday, August 22, 2010

peach whiskey smash/sangria

Having continued my peach buying spree, I wanted to come up with a Best Friends Day recipe using the fresh fruit. I had saved a recipe for "Whiskey Peach Smash" from thekitchn but since BFD is more of a marathon than a sprint, I wanted to make the drink less boozy but keep the peach-y whiskey-y goodness. We called it "Short Pump Smash" in honor of the surburban area of Richmond. I would definitely serve this to a group of ladies who lunch in Short Pump. Here is what I came up with.

About 4 peaches cut into cubes. Place in pitcher and cover with sugar (1/4 cup or so.)

Add in some of the sparkling white grape juice and muddle.

Fill pitcher 1/3 way with whiskey, 2/3 with sparkling grape. I used Jim Bean, but any not too expensive whiskey or bourbon should work.

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