Thursday, August 26, 2010

design for humanity: plastic bottle dining

Wouldn't you love to have a romantic meal on this floating dining room?

So luxurious.

With a little secret under the deck. (Well, not too secret since there is a peep window to below.)

Plastic bottles keep the raft afloat.
This beautiful dining room is a special project of the School of Fish Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides curriculum and subject materials for sustainable seafood preparation. Built by Goodweather Design, "the floating plastic represents the issue of our oceans becoming a collecting ground for discarded plastic; one of the many threats to our seafood supplies."
A six-course sustainable and seasonal seafood dinner (say that six times fast!) is catered nightly by C Restaurant. You'll have to travel to eat there, however, the dining room raft is moored at the False Creek Yacht Club in Vancouver, BC.

I find this design stunning and an elegant educational tool, though the price of dinner will keep many from enjoying it. Imagine this used to build inexpensive rafts for public swimming at lakes, though. What other applications could this idea be applied to?

School of Fish Foundation found originally at Re-Nest.


L.R. said...

Ah! I love this! My dad built a floating deck for a couple to get married on a river and he used old sealed up oil barrels underneath. So very cool with it enclosed like that!

Katherine said...

Oh, that idea sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am changing the tiles on my patio for bricks...we placed them already and also painted them with?
Floating deck