Thursday, March 15, 2012

jewelry workshop update

Very excited to reveal more details on the jewelry workshop I will be leading at Sticky Art Lab on March 31 from 4-6pm. It's for all ages, 6 and up (6-12 with an adult.) I'll be teaching a variety of skills but the focus on YOU creating a unique piece of jewelry using a combination of new and reclaimed materials.

Bring your favorite necklace that broke, jewelry from your grandmother and random baubles you never wear and remake them into something totally unique and just your style! In this workshop, you will learn to craft your own beautiful necklace out of repurposed jewels and materials. Additional bits and beads, along with the technical tools to create jewelry, will be provided. Things to bring: beads, charms, old necklaces, favorite bits of seaglass, chain (broken is okay!) and whatever other shiny objects catch your eye. You will learn the skills of beading but more importantly the possibilities of repurposing jewelry into new creations. 

It's a steal at only $15! Don't miss out! Reserve your spot by emailing or call 510.981.1148. Sticky Art Lab is located at 1682 University Ave in Berkeley. 

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FUN! i didn't know you lived in the bay too. i'd be down for participating if i didn't already have a prior commitment.