Wednesday, March 28, 2012

colorblocked jeans diy

[Oh hello. You like my puppy, you say?]

These were an old pair of jeans purchased at the Working Man's Store in my mother's hometown that were comfortable though not particularly flattering. Levi 501s, straight leg. I wanted to jazz them up and these colorblock pants from Honestly WTF have been in the back of my head for ages. I chose to paint the outside green 12" up my leg and upped the color by painting not just the outside but a coordinating interior color that I can roll up or leave hidden.

Colorful and patterned jeans are hot this year, just check out this slideshow on Refinery 29, but DIY colorblocking makes this trend totally your own. Plus while I had the fabric paint out, I painted these moccasins too!


blue roses said...

really dig the jeans, great way to invigorate a pair where fit is not your absolute favorite feature about them (i, personally, at least from these images, think they look great on you!)

should you wash before you wear? i guess it depends on the type of fabric paint......

percentblog said...

I didn't bother to wash before wearing them. Since it is paint and not a dye, it won't rub off. I am still considering the best way to wash later on though. Likely I'll toss them in the wash by themselves. I've never been a clean your jeans in the freezer girl.

Eli said...

Oooh I like this! I like the idea of painting the inside too so that if you turn up the cuff you see another color.

Such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing!