Thursday, March 22, 2012

fun in the workplace

[LEGO office]

[BGT Partners]
These two totally different office spaces have been hanging out in my browser for the past week or so. Each time I look at them, I'm struck by how fun each workplace is. The styles are different, but each has a sense of whimsy. BGT, a marketing firm, has an office with no corners. LEGO, a company that needs no introduction, has an office that seriously encourages play.

[Lego's giant slide]
In addition, both designs heavily rely on collaborative space over cubicles or separate offices. Flexible offices are growing in popularity as companies realize the importance of collaboration, particularly in fields like marketing and development. Privacy and quiet workspaces are very important, but cubicles do not necessarily provide those goals. Instead, companies are placing more value in shared spaces that build teams and collaboration.

[BGT Partners]
But these spaces aren't completely different- BGT has a "creative corner with LEGO bricks!" 

Both originally found via Design Milk here and here. All images from Design Milk. Lego office in Denmark was designed by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord . BGT Partners office in Miami was designed by ADD Inc Miami

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Eli said...

It makes me sad that I get to work in an old office by myself at the back of a building :( it used to be a school in the '50s. I want to work somewhere exciting one day.