Monday, April 19, 2010

dinner from the cupboard: polenta with sausage and spinach

My bank account is a little tight right now and so I'm trying to clean out my cupboards when I don't have meals planned instead grabbing dinner out. Tonight I was really down to almost nothing- no fresh veggies, almost no protein, lots of carbs. I'm defrosting some meatballs I made a while ago so didn't want pasta since I'm having spaghetti 'n meatballs tomorrow. So I whipped this together.

Sausage and spinach over polenta

Made with just these ingredients.

I took two sausages and cut them in half, just slightly still connected, and sauteed them in a pan.

Problem is my spinach was super freezer burned. I boiled it and then put in the pan the sausages had been cooked in to soak up their flavor. I tossed in some red pepper flakes too.

Sausages and spinach keeping warm while I cook the polenta.

I sliced it into rounds.

Pan fried, it had an amazing texture to play with in the pan. It took a while to warm through and I should have done this step first so it could crisp more.

The end result.
The spinach was actually really bad. I wish I had some fresh vegetables and will be keeping frozen veggies for stews and casseroles only. But the polenta and the sausage were great and super simple. It definitely felt better to have a dinner where I tried something new then just the same pasta and butter.

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H to the izzo said...

This looks so good. I just don't have culinary skill. Clearly this was easy, but I don't have those ingredients in my house. I must buy some polenta but have no idea what to look for or how it should be cooked mostly.