Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Out New York's 50 most stylish New Yorkers.
Below are some of my favorites, though the accessories shots are perhaps the coolest.
There are 4-20 shots of each person, so click through.

[Cara Clinton, 28, head buyer of Beacon's Closet and accessories designer]

[Cats McDaid-Kelly, 25, MFA student at Parsons The New School for Design]

Holy self-made chain, Batman!
[Christian Joy, 36, costume/fashion designer]

Why do so many of the amazing women have names that start with C? And I must say, I love "Cats" with an s. Something to think about? Perhaps not.

[Kelly Framel, 26, stylist, jewelry designer and fashion blogger]
Disclaimer: I have long loved her blog

[Jeralyn Gerba, 28, DailyCandy editor]

Sequins were all over Copenhagen and I regret not buying anything with sequins when I was there (I actually bought NO clothes other my awesome- and needed- woolen mittens!)
[Mary “Mz. Skittlez” Seats, 22, rapper-singer, fashion guru, student and stylist

[Jessica Delfino, 27, twisted minstrel and subversive art lady]

[Golden Triangle]
[Alix Brown, Carly Rabalias, Vashti Windish]
I love a dandy.
[Bill Webb, 67, retired Wall Streeter]

Just for fun.
[Cheryl, Disco Shamans]

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