Wednesday, March 10, 2010

olios blogger meetup

I'm just getting into blogging and also still feeling really new to Richmond, so I was super thrilled and honored to be invited to a Richmond area food bloggers meetup. I had enjoyed checking out some of the blogs ahead of time but wasn't expecting anyone to have read mine. Embarrassing story: I had just gotten a beer (Olio comped our first drink, so nice of them!) and was pouring it into a frosty glass when a woman I introduced myself to said "oh! you're percentblog!" I was so shocked I didn't realize my beer was super foamy and spilling out of the glass. But I had a great time and met amazing people so you'll see the Richmond blogroll over to the right grow quickly.

But on to the food. Obviously the foodie who chose the place did so because of the wonderful food and atmosphere, but you would think that a room full of self-proclaimed foodies would have critiques. The whole evening I didn't hear one. What's not to love about a market that does food excellently and sells beer and wine at retail prices? I had the Sopresatta Suzanna Pizza with tomato vodka sauce, fortina and provolone, and sopresatta salami. A friend and I sat in wonder as we ate the salami. No full review here but go try Olio yourself.

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