Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sublet clothing

Two years ago I fell in love with a dress. I was in college and definitely could not afford the dress. Over the years, it's popped back into my life thanks to being featured on various blogs and fashion websites. I still want this dress badly, despite being totally unsure where I would wear it. I still check in on my dress sometimes, but I know I'll never own it because despite the sales, it is still way more than I can afford. So I will share it with you!

This company has gorgeous photography.

Love it in khaki!

Sublet Clothing is an amazing company owned by two friends who many ecologically conscious clothing. The dress I love, the Alison dress, is made from organic cotton, bamboo and a bit of spandex. Eco-fabric has layers of complications, but I support companies that I believe are truly trying to push fashion in the right direction.

In stalking them, I found a similiarly styled dress that I may actually love even more. It's on sale here and comes in a stunning blue. I always want to do the design/professor thing and dress in all neutrals but with colors like this how can I!

The draping on both dresses and the black detail at the waist just is so romantic to me. It's sexy and yet casual. I would want to throw this dress on all the time, but instead would keep it in my closet for some special occasion because after all this time I wouldn't want to mess it up!

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