Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bon appetit steals my cravings

I swear Bon Appetit wrote this month's issue just for me. Grabbed it at the local drugstore before I even read the cover and was delighted to see the headlines. I should treat myself to a subscribtion, but I can borrow copies from my mom and grandmother (and use to find them too.) I'm glad I'll have a hard copy of this month.

Healthy winter salads fit in my resolution to eat healthy plus my love of salad and quick food. Chocolate and pasta are obvious favorites, as is my love of meat and potatoes (I am my father's little girl, after all.) Potato risotto sounds amazing, even if after reading I realized it has no actual risotto. And the sandwich on the front makes my mouth water.

Also inside (and online) are 15 (!) recipes for mac and cheese. I've been craving mac and cheese for months all the time (see my recipe here) and fell in love with the version at Eatonville in DC. I want to try to make a creamy version with the massive amount of various cheese I recently purchased at Trader Joes.

Plus, I just signed up for weekly emails with recipes and more. Bon Appetit has a nice balance of relatively easy recipes and harder, more complex recipes with instructions that make it possible for me to attempt them.

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