Friday, February 26, 2010

two minute lunch: nate's taco truck

Today I took my morning calls from my house and decided to grab lunch before heading to the office. Richmond is scattered with food trucks but I had heard rumors of an amazing taco truck on VCU's campus. Too far from office on ordinary days, I checked it out. I have to give props to RVA Foodie whose Camarelized Opinions first informed me of the exhistance of this magical truck.

Nate's Taco Truck is found where Staurt and Grove meet, in the middle of the VCU campus. A very nondescript truck (Nate, lemme know if you need a graphic designer!) there were constantly a few folks, all of whom appeared to be college students, waiting for tacos. Nate (I'm assuming) was incredibly friendly, chatting with the girl in front of me about The Real World and serving up tacos with a smile.

There are a range of tacos, with meat (chicken, chorizo, beef) and vegetarian (TVP, potato, black bean) which come with sour cream, salsa, cheese and lettuce. Quesadillas and "frito pie" are also available. (Frito pie is a bag of fritos with beef and taco toppings. Sounds delish!) I ordered 3 tacos- chorizo, beef, and potato- for $2.50 each.

Potato and chorizo tacos.

I ate the first two- potato then beef- in the car immediately. Started with the potato, which I had expected to have small squares of potato. Instead it was potato hash, shredded potato similiar to the type used at Waffle House. It was highly seasoned with some delicious unknown spices and despite the starch content felt very light to eat (maybe it was my speed wolfing it down?) but then I cracked into the beef taco. The seasoning tasted more along the lines of taco seasoning you buy at the supermarket, but somehow more intense. The beef was a little greasy and my tortilla that had been previously perfectly crisped got a bit soggy. Still, delicious and after the second taco I started to fill a little full. I decided to head to the office. About halfway through I started to crave my third taco. And get worried that it too would be soggy.

Ground beef taco.
Luckily the chorizo was not as greasy and the taco was in perfect condition. In fact, the time being wrapped up in the foil let the cheese get all melty and the sour cream had sort of infused the whole taco. It was the most delicious of the three (though in close competition with the pototo taco.)

All in all, I'm planning on being back on Wednesday.

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Louisa said...

Great photos! Interesting to hear about the Richmond, VA food scene. Sounds fun, and so different from New York. -Louisa