Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend review: hardly strictly

This weekend was packed full with two gatherings of friends on Friday night, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on Saturday, and Dish SF with my friend Kelley on Sunday, followed by a 'fry party' hosted by Cornell friends. Luckily, Partner-in-Crime and I took a slow pace and ambled through the weekend. Leaving later than planned on Saturday, we stopped by an old favorite diner of his, the Irving Street Cafe. Still, Sunday evening I was asleep by 10pm. 

[Beers Friday night at Jupiter in Berkeley]

[Spotted these sweet shoes at the diner, then saw the same ladies at the festival.]

[They changed the design! I went all week without one!]

[Classic, California style]

[Hardly Strictly Bluegrass]

[Packin'em in]

[This bumblebee hung out with me for a while.]

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