Monday, October 3, 2011

fall foods to look forward to

Fall is truly here, no matter how much I push against it. Luckily job prospects are looking up and I have craft shows on the horizon, so I've decided to just let it come. Today was rainy and the weather reports promise more for the next few days. I poked around the fridge, and yet again, we skipped grocery shopping this weekend so I'm just putting together a list now.

The rain has me craving comfort food. I considered mac and cheese for tonight, or roast potatoes with bacon. In the end, Partner-in-Crime called and convinced me we should go out for Indian where I no doubt will get a curry with potatoes. But while I'm happy to eat pasta and potatoes for weeks, I know I should eat better and Partner-in-Crime doesn't have the same affinity for carbs that I do.

What are you favorite fall foods that aren't carb heavy? I'm looking forward to making a big bot of chili and other soups. I'm searching for a great recipe for carne en su jugo, a dish I had Sunday for the first time. But I know I'll still be making plenty of bolognese, mashed potatoes (with roast chicken!) and risotto all fall. What less-carb heavy dishes should I had to the rotation?

And now that we've talked about dinner, what are the desserts you plan to make? I know I'm making Elevator Lady Cookies as soon as I get some shortening.


Debra said...

As a vegetarian I do eat a lot of carbs, but if I'm really careful I go heavier on my "meat substitutes" and steamed vegetables. This time of year, though, I want comfort food, too. I bake tacos! I fill corn or whole wheat tortillas with either vegetarian refried beans or a mixture of grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms, and then place them on an oiled baking sheet. I spray both sides of the tortilla with olive oil spray and pop them in the heated oven (375-400 degrees) and then bake them until they're good a crisp. Maybe ten minutes? They are wonderful! And they also satisfy my craving for the heavier restaurant tacos I almost always crave! My meat-eating friends love them, too!!

Brian said...

I probably like carbs more than desert...When I was a vegetarian years ago...I would over compensate on carbs and gained weight(even though I exercised)...something that I enjoy if you go lite on the oil is stir fried egg plant...particularly the Japanese eggplant. very filling and can season it very nicely....for desert...I have had to stick with 100 calorie frozen deserts...I know that is not as much fun...but satisfies the sweet tooth...even during the fall... Thanks for the great topic... Brian

heather gardner-madras said...

Love the eggplant while its still around -
New favorite is Grilled Eggplant Salad: Slice and lightly oil eggplant 3/4 in thick and grill or bake until browned and soft. Plate with chopped fresh basil & mint, goat cheese and a bit more olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Squash has lots of vitamins in the complex carbs and is delightful mashed with garlic and butter or olive oil. Sweet potatoes too (I like to cut in most ways through slices, insert garlic slices, drizzle w olive oil and back). Not a fan of the sweet versions of these.

Finally, just about any veg in the house is better roasted so roasting is to fall/winter as grilling is to summer around here.

As for dessert - can't wait for apples to really come in season for crumbles, which are mostly apple and don't need a ton of carbs to be yummy.

percentblog said...

Debra- these tacos sound great! Do you fold them over or leave them open faced?

Brian- I hadn't heard of Japanese eggplant before. I googled it and it seems similar to (but not the same as) Chinese eggplant, which I love.

Heather- Grilled eggplant salad sounds great! I'll definitely be roasting plenty of vegetables all fall. When I lived alone, I would just roast one per night and eat it on its own. Roast squash one night, sweet potato the next, etc.

blue roses said...

i have a really truly awesome ricotta and swiss chard pasta dish i've been meaning to post about..... forever..... promise i will soon! i always add some spicy italian sausage, so it is super savory and not overly carby...(though tons of cheese).

roasted chickens are always delicious, then you can have soup or chicken salad with the left overs.

Jim said...

I'd have to go with heather's comment about eggplant. And while the roasted eggplant salad was spectacular, after that she made an eggplant parmesan that really really rocked. (hint hint)

And...really looking forward to the apple crumbles. Can you tell who the cook is in our house?