Monday, January 10, 2011

online recipe box

I recently tweeted about my desire for an online "recipe box" where I could compile recipes from the myriad of websites I visit for easy search and recall. While for a bit I thought I had hit on the Next Big Website, a website I'm quite familiar with was brought to my attention.

I've been a member of for years and use it to store all the Gourmet/Bon Appetit recipes that I plan to make. I was unaware of the ability to add my own recipes and make them either private or publically available to Epiciurious members. My new hobby while watching television is transfering the 150+ recipes I've bookmarked in my browser to my Epicurious recipe box. Currently I've marked everything private, since they aren't my recipes, but I'll have to also add some of the ones I've developed or that are family recipes to the site.

Now my 'recipes' bookmark is being kept only for bookmarking new websites that are treasure troves of recipes, the many compliation posts I've marked that have dozens of recipes, and detailed tutorials like "how to make gnocchi" while the single recipes are immediately added to Epicurious.

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