Friday, January 14, 2011

daily reflections

A few days before Christmas I went to Barnes and Noble with my sister. My present shopping was done but I had a gift certificate and hopes of getting a small notebook to start a daily reflections journal. I had a clear plan for my journal but was surprised to find the perfect little notebook set.

Moleskin is pricey, so I was glad to have my gift certificate to lessen the ouch-factor. But look at the colors! And they are so easy to carry around! There is that random pocket that I don't know what to use it for but it's adorable!

It's set up as a planner with hours, but I've ignored those and written in my own way of tracking what I've accomplished each date. On each page I have written a line for things that that important in my life- delicious food I eat, things I made or read, getting exercise, and how I feel. I told my mom about this idea and she suggested adding what I'm thankful for, an idea I love. (And no, this is not a food diary, I'm only writing down the really delicious food I want to remember.) Many days I only fill out a few of the lines, but I've filled out each day in January and hope to do so every day this year.

A pseudo-peak inside the pages:

Images from Moleskin, reposted here and here.


Silly Girl said...

Those notebooks look awesome. I'm a notebook person too.

Chapstick Fanatic said...

my planner is a moleskine and so are the little notebooks i carry around. i love them. this set is just lovely.

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