Thursday, January 13, 2011

not your average jello shot

Check out these awesome retro-inspired drinking glasses....

that you can eat.

Brainchild of The Way We See The World, who say "Jelloware re-imagines the concept of drinking, and imparts a new experience in the way it feels, tastes, smells, and moves. The cups are made of agar agar and cast in different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, each specifically designed to compliment a corresponding drink. Jelloware can be nibbled on while drinking and any leftover remnants can be composted."

This certainty isn't going to be the idea that ends the use of disposable cups but I love that it takes an item that we use mostly for simplicity and turns it into a purposeful decision- to be more sustainable, more beautiful, more interesting and more intentional.

You can contribute to their Kickstarter to make this idea more than a prototype. It seems like they are working hard to make this a reality, pitching Absolut vodka companion agar shot glasses.

But the original idea that got me to the The Way We See the World website is just one of many ideas from the four amazing women pictured in the video. Poke around and see their other award winning ideas, such as beauty products made from chicle latex, a natural material from the Yucatan, that previous had no commercial purpose which now contributes to preserving the local area from clear cutting. Four badass ladies with a great sense of style, design-savvy, and ethics.

Originally found via TheKitchn. Images from The Way We See The World.

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