Wednesday, September 22, 2010

recipe: vegan basil and roasted tomato pasta

Again, a recipe of sorts that isn't really a recipe. But a great summer dish, nonetheless. I made enough basil pesto for about 3 batches of pesto and froze some of it. I left it vegan because I've heard it freezes better that way.

To make pesto:
Toast 1/2 cup pine nuts. Take one batch of basil, washed and desteamed. Stuff the food processor full and glug some extra virgin olive oil around it. Toss in a few tablespoons of toasted pine nuts. Grind it all up. Add more basil/oil/pine nuts until you get the right consistency. Salt and pepper to taste, trust yourself on this one.

To make the pasta:
Set water on to boil. Slice yellow cherry tomatoes in half, mix with tablespoon of olive oil, lightly salt. Broil in oven for about 10 minutes, checking until slightly wilted. Boil pasta, strain. Toss pasta, tomatos and pesto together.

I don't think the tomato pesto combo needs cheese, but feel free to add some on top. Making the pesto took me about 15 minutes, start to finish. (Including dropping the first set of pine nuts on the floor. Avoid that, it's expensive.) The rest takes the amount of time to boil the pasta. So quick and easy!

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