Monday, September 20, 2010

i'm having fun now

I love Jenny Lewis. I fell in love with her as part of Rilo Kiley and was first ecstatic when she released Rabbit Fur Coat with the Watson Twins and then when she collaborated with Jack White on Acid Tongue. When I saw she was going on tour to promote her newest band/album, a collaboration with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice. But getting to the show was not as easy as I thought. The show sold out super quickly, while I was in the mountains without internet, so I had to track down tickets on Craigslist. By posting that I was looking for tickets early, I secured them without too much hassle.

So day of the show, I hopped in my car and headed to DC. One of my tires had been low earlier in the week, but I re-inflated it with my roommate's compressor, and for the past couple days it had been good to go. Sadly, around Potomac Mills Mall, that changed. My tire blew.

Thank god for AAA. The tow truck driver hooked up my car to the truck and was driving it safely off the road to where he could help change the tire. I guess I look tense because he asked if I was alright. Not wanting to go into the whole story of how I was sad I may miss this super amazing concert, I just said I was frustrated. "No use getting frustrated. Especially not out here. Getting frustrated is no good. Get on the road frustrated and bad things happen," he told me. Words to live (and drive safely) by.

Despite being set back an hour, we still made it to the show fine. We missed most of the opener but the last few songs that they played didn't make me regret that one bit. I was there more for Jenny Lewis in particularly, and it was obvious the crowd was too. Jenny and Johnny played most the songs on their album but the crowd definitely got loudest on the few Jenny Lewis songs (all from Acid Tongue, in keeping with the more fun/rock sound they have.)

[So cute! And Jenny Lewis is so talented!]

The coolest part of the show was when Jenny brought four girls on stage to sing backup in "Acid Tongue" along with Johnny. Sadly, I can find any video of that online, though I did find a sweet video of them singing "The Next Messiah" at The Black Cat. Jenny asked Johnny to name the chorus, and he definitely lost points in my (and the crowd's) book by naming them the "Don't Quit Your Day Job Chorus." The guy in front of me immediately yelled something along the lines of "You aren't famous anyway."

[These girls must have been so freakin' excited]

That one incident didn't ruin the show, however, and I'm definitely considering going to see them in Charlottesville next month. Any takers?

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