Wednesday, July 7, 2010

patriotic dress

July 3: Military-inspired for a day at the farm

July 3 evening

July 4

I recycled a lot of accessories throughout the weekend- same sandals, vintage purse from Rumors the whole week and same thrifted bracelets the second two days and same belt twice. This week was particularly heavy on vintage/thrift items and less so on my own designs.

July 3 day: Shorts [JCrew], t-shirt [Hanes], vintage gold bracelet, vintage belt from the Junior League

July 3 evening: Skirt worn as dress, vintage and gifted from college roomie, vintage belt
You can't see the details super well* but there is a thin tan line on the belt that matches the tan inside the nautical ropes of the red and blue bracelets, which goes with the tan purse. Ah, the coordinating!

July 4: Skirt [Tulle], tank top [Target], necklace [me!], Junior League belt and nautical bracelets

*How do so many bloggers have wonderful pictures of themselves? Friends who take the pictures? Tripods? Having someone take pictures of my clothes or taking them myself in public is so awkward for me, but maybe it's just something I should work on.

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