Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'd eat peaches every day

Every summer I'm reminded of how amazing peaches are. I always forget about them when thinking about my favorite fruit- I think of raspberries, watermelon, but always forget the peaches. Thanks to my CSA (shout out to Victory Farms) I was able to get 20 lbs of Henley's Orchard's peaches. The plan was to can them, but instead in the past few days my roommates and I have been devouring the box. Luckily, we've put in an order for 30lbs this week (only $25!)

I've managed to bake the past two nights, last night a peach galette and today a cobbler/crumble. I don't think I had ever, ever made a crust before but not having to pre-bake it I was feeling pretty confident. I had found the recipe before, probably linked by The Kitchn but I can't remember. But I tried to basically follow it, though I accidently used half the butter and had to go back and combine the rest when the dough wouldn't form. I also used vanilla instead of almond flavoring, since I'm not a fan of almond. I maximized the peach coverage, so my sides weren't folded up as pretty.




Tonight, my peach cobbler is in the oven! I used this recipe from Orangette, with these adaptions from The Kitchn, except I used a deeper Pyrex baking dish so I could use 10 peaches instead of 5 so that hopefully I can have leftovers for breakfast!


Anonymous said...

That slice of pie looks absolutely perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo great! I love baking! This recipe was perfect 3 different times over Thanksgiving last year. I used all golden delicious apples. The crust is divine!

Katherine said...

I will definitely be using that apple pie recipe when my csa offers bulk apples! Thanks for sharing!